Monday, March 19, 2012

More Miami : Enrique Celaya Studio Visit

Enrique Celaya's work induces a slow seduction.
 Enrique's studio is a thoughtful oasis in the Wynwood district:  A simple gurgling fountain greets you and beyond is a  library with a spacious cage of beautiful songbirds chirping.  It is a perfect prelude to the airy high ceiling galleries that  beckon beyond. 

Enrique's dialogue is about the exploration of the states of interior being in an outwardly apparent way. A large sculpture of a boy carrying a house strapped to his back and a  piece of a deer with ropes tied to his antlers dragging behind him, a small landscape, seem to illustrate what the artist eloquently explained as the archetypal burden.  They carry the landscape that they come from everywhere they go.  Are the boy and the deer exiled from their homes or will they return? Can they ever escape?  The landscape and the house, are they security and shelter or are they a burden? There is a poignancy in the simple images that comes from the fact that the subjects are subjects to be looked through, not so much looked at. They embody entire themes rather than the object/subject painted. The boy that pops up in Enrique's work is more a symbol of childhood than a specific boy.
Celaya has a marvelous website! You should go see:

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