Thursday, April 28, 2011

Houston: Chronicles of Unexpected Art Delights

Jeb in the Cruz-Diez Disco 70's chamber
Art hotspot Houston was full of highlights: Engaging, enticing and eclectic. Highbrow lowbrow and everything in between. Houston is full of good art. Really good art. Amazing Art. We embarked  on a whirl wind tour of everything art in Houston, leaving no stone unturned. Our trusted art guide, Barbara Claiborn, navigated us through the Houston art world.

The Fine Arts Museum Houston is everything a big city art museum should be. After seeing the impressionist exhibit and drooling over a Degas' Horse painting, we strolled over to the Beck building through the hallucinatory Turrell light tunnel  and then on to the Law building to the chromatic environments of  Carlos Cruz-Diez. This retrospective bears the stamp of a true revolutionary and visionary artist.We loved this room below, but weren't too excited about the very worn little slippers we had to wear. Totally worth it though.

Unfortunately the Houston Contemporary Arts Museum was mostly closed up due to a leaky roof. Their Museum store is to die for delightful. Many unique treasures.No website, which is probably okay because I might go broke.

I can only wonder what Warhol would have thought of The Beer Can House. An engagement with mass culture on the grandest scale! Is this a piece on scale with Barbara Kruger and Andy Warhol or is it the house of a hops lunatic?The creator, John  Milkovisch  Said, 
“I don‘consider this art. It‘s just a pastime. But sometimes I lie awake at night, trying to figure out why I do it.”
 More Houston Art Tales soon...................