Saturday, February 5, 2011

Stuck in San Diego

Recently stranded at the San Diego airport after installing art in Southern California, we decided to hoof it downtown to check out the art scene. Although we only made it to the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art, MCASD, we were blown away by Jennifer Steinkamp's Madame Currie Exhibit. This new commission is inspired by Steinkamp’s recent research into atomic energy, atomic explosions, and the effects of these forces on nature. The projection of moving flora rendered realistically for this work include rambler roses, wisteria, chestnut blooms, and hop plants, among many others drawn from a list of over 40 plants mentioned in Marie Curie's biography written by her daughter, Eve Curie are delightful, meditative and awe inspiring.
Installation view
Click here to watch the piece in motion on Jennifer's website...truly amazing!
I would love this in my house. It would be like moving wallpaper.
The Museum website says, "Steinkamp is one of the most accomplished time-based, digital video artists working today. Her video installations of projected animations engage space and architecture to foster moments of intense public intimacy in our Age of New Media. Physically overwhelming, her animations utilize cutting-edge projectors and digital masking applications to enhance or contradict the architectural features they inhabit and immerse viewers in new phenomenological territory."

The Staff at the museum went above and beyond, letting us leave our luggage at their front desk while we strolled through the museum.